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Lana’s Eyes by Taji Joseph

Anonymous: How do you feel about reposters?

They need to be removed from the face of the Internet… however I know they’re inevitable so whatever 

Lana Del Rey shot by Neil Krug.

Hi Guys!

I would like to thank you for this that you are here. Yesterday I crossed 8000 followers. I never imagined such a number of people which will follow my blog. But you are here and this is awesome, woah!

On this occasion I decided to do for you list of ‘my follow forever’.

A: alliggy, adoringlana,

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E: -

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N: -

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V: -

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X: xqueenlana

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Z: -

Thank you ❤

I just saw this but thank you so much! x


Lana Del Rey “Ultraviolet White”

Photograph by Neil Krug

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